Helping students plan the right career pathway for after high school... without all the anxiety.

Step beyond standard career advice. Allow our data driven
assessment to disclose the career you were born for.

Who is This Guidance For?

10th and 11th Graders

Feeling anxious out about which classes to choose as prerequisites, because you’re worried about making a mistake and missing out on potential career paths that are meant for you? Don’t stress, we’ll guide you.

12th Grader Exploring
College and University

Feeling lost or overwhelmed with deciding which direction to pursue in University or College? Our Career Guide will help you focus on the career directions that are right for you- so that you painlessly start planning the post-secondary steps that make sense.

College and University
Students Reconsidering

Have you already started post secondary but feel like you made the wrong decision? Get instant feedback on which directions make the most sense for you, based on who you are, and what makes you tick. Our Career Guide can help you pivot to a new career direction that truely excites you and will actually be right for you in the long term.

The first career assessment designed specifically for students based on the proven scientific career results of millions of people.

Discover the right career path for you!

With over 50 years of proven data and the behavioral analysis of millions of people at work, our Career Guide connects your interests, strengths, work style and preferences with the most fitting career options for you.

Uncover your ideal career paths with Get Career Guidance's state-of-the-art scientific approach.

By processing millions of data points, our machine learning algorithms unceasingly augment the credibility and accuracy of our career assessment results.

Revolutionary Science-Based Platform

All of your results in your Career Guide are rooted in your own personal interests, strengths, weaknesses, unique working style and individual preferences.

Holistic Approach

ValidatedReliablePersonalized Precise
Our Career Guide provides early guidance with industry leading accuracy in career matching and personalized feedback tailored to students.


6-8 minutes to define a life time of career success?! Here’s how our Career Assessment Works

Answer some questions

You'll be asked a series of questions in 6 minute online assessment.

Find out what makes you uniquely right for certain careers.

Get an instant, personalized feedback pdf report about your personality, ideal work environments, your top career matches and much more.

Plan your dream career!

Focus on the career directions that most excite you, and make a plan to start pursuing them.

We take pride on making a positive impact on people's lives.

Take the Career Assessment anywhere, from any device

Our Career Assessment can be easily taken from your phone, tablet or computer. It only takes 6-8 minutes and you’ll get an instant report with detailed results - all personalized to you.


Share Your Results
With Your Friends

Share and compare your unique results with friends! From your personal dashboard, it’s easy to share your Top 5 Personality Traits and your Top 5 Career Matches with your friends on Tiktok or Instagram.


Why is our career assessment considered one of the best career assessments in Canada and USA?

  • Happy Users
    Our customers love us! More than 95% of our users are happy with their assessment results.
  • Clear Direction
    Our platform is designed to eliminating the guesswork, uncertainty and stress that parents and students feel, replacing it with informed confidence.
  • Easy to understand guidance
    Understanding your results shouldn’t be a daunting task, so we’ve made sure our Career Guide is easy to read and understand. There’s no technical mumbo-jumbo and the guide provides clear and personalized direction.
  • Accurate & Predictive
    Our methods are rooted in deep behavioural science, ensuring accuracy and predictability in every result.
  • Instant Results
    After completing your 6-8 minute assessment, your personalized results will show up in your inbox instantly.
  • Customized for you
    We don't believe in generic or one-size-fits-all; our guidance is tailored to resonate with each user’s individuality, Every student is unique, and our results reflect that.
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Why Trust Us?

  • Built by experts
    By processing millions of data points, our machine learning algorithms unceasingly augment the credibility and accuracy of our career assessment results.
  • Milions Guided
    All of your results in your Career Guide are rooted in your own personal interests, strengths, weaknesses, unique working style and individual preferences.
  • Your Data is Safe
    Our Career Guide provides early guidance with industry leading accuracy in career matching and personalized feedback tailored to students.

What Other are Saying About
The Career Guide

"We are very thankful to have discovered Career Guidance and for how it helped our 17 year old son discover new possible career directions he’s actually excited about. We highly recommend it.”"

Anita W

“After so much stress from the uncertainty and pressure of picking classes,  I can be at ease now knowing my daughter is finally on the right path to not only selecting the right course for University, but for future career success ”

Jeff T

"Both my kids learned so much from Career Guidance. Within 15 minutes of getting started, we saw changes in their outlook and confidence. Would definitely recommend it.”"

Kathy K

“I would like to say that I am very impressed with Career Guidance and it’s amazing report. Thank You.  We were feeling pretty lost, but now we have clearer picture about what my daughter should do as a future career. Keep it up!”

Ahmad S

"Using this as a guide really helped me understand and provide support to my child.    Thank You""

Kari D

"My husband and I heard about Career Guidance from a friend.  We checked it out and “They actually get it”. Career Guidance helped give my son Nick some great insights and recommended career directions that made choosing classes easy and really lowered the stress level.”"

Carolyn H

"My daughter Tina hated having any discussions about careers or planning for University. She was stressed out and I didn’t know how to help. The Career Guide was an absolute life saver! "

Karissa T

"After seeing how helpful it was, I recommended Career Guidance to all the other moms in my sons class. A+++"

Vanessa B

asked questions

You receive detailed instant results as soon as you complete the assessment. All the information is delivered in a report that you can save or print out.
- Learn your top strengths
- Find out which work environments work best for you
- Understand your work style
- Discover more about what kind of career directions get you excited

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The Career Guide doesn’t limit you by telling you exactly which school or program to choose. The Career Guide serves as the critical step before these selections - by helping you clearly understand and identify which career directions make the most sense for you.

Once you know which career directions that most interest you, you will have a much easier time narrowing down the schools and programs that fit within your desired career route.
The direct link to your own personal results and dashboard can be accessed anytime by clicking on the same link found in the email inviting you to take the assessment. If you can't find that email or accidentally deleted it, you can email us anytime at and we will resend it to you right away.

Tip! If you're doing a mad search in your inbox and can't find it, the subject line is: "Please Complete the Career Guidance Assessment"
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Career Guidance for High School Students

Get Career Guidance is a science-based approach to college and career planning for high school students. If you’re preparing to make decisions about your post-secondary education, you need career exploration tactics specifically designed for teens. We get it. There is a lot of pressure and stress for you around picking the right prerequisites, programs, courses and schools. Unfortunately, your parents want to help but often don’t know how. Our customized plans help you discover which career direction makes the most sense for you.  Our detailed custom career guidance for high school students will arm you with instant feedback about you, along with career-focused guidance and recommended career direction to help you plan for what’s next after you graduate. Get your personalized Career Guide to start planning the career directions that are right for you. Get your answers in under 10 minutes.